EXCLUSIVE: Meet MyDeweyDecimal – The App That Will Change The Way We Organize Books We Haven’t Touched In Years But That Make Us Look Smart


An example of the MyDeweyDecimal app’s output

MattCollinsBlog.com tech reporter Chuck Corduroy has uncovered an app that promises to change the way we manage our collection of books and other publications at home. Gone forever is the challenge of finding that book you faked your way through in junior seminar.

Mobile marketers: it’s time to get to know the MyDeweyDecimal app.

While the app has been in beta for seven years, it eventually will be available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Nest thermostats, PlayStation2 and up, and Casio calculators. Enough is now known to understand how this app promises to be a game changer.

“The app enables anyone with a supported device and book on a shelf to create and print custom Dewey Decimal codes at home,” reported Corduroy, who gained renown for his reporting (VIDEO) on an otherwise overlooked disaster in 2011.

MyDeweyDecimal relies on an advanced algorithm to generate an alpha numeric code for any book, magazine, or even knickknacks that users might have on their shelves. Codes can be linked to authors, titles, or college mascots.

MattCollinsBlog.com has also learned that the developer, WhiteCap Development Unlimited, will offer MyDeweyDecimal at-home card catalogs. Users can pick from four, eight, 16, 24, and 64 shelf configurations. Each will house cards the user can print at home via the app. Each card will refer to an alpha numeric code the user will print and stick on the spine of specific volume. The developer’s catalogs can store enough cards to support up to 1,800 volumes. Corduroy has obtained an exclusive image of a catalog prototype, which we have included here. Each catalog comes out of the box with WiFi connectivity included, qualifying it as an option among other “Internet of Things.”

MyDeweyDecimal at-home card catalog prototype.
MyDeweyDecimal at-home card catalog prototype.

“The chief benefit of this solution is that users can impress their houseguests not only with their collection of books that haven’t been opened in years, if ever,” said a high placed source speaking on the condition of anonymity. “Now, users can take their collection to a whole other level of snobbery and high mindedness with Dewey Decimals and an at-home card catalog system.”

The app promises to be free to download but support in-app purchases for different Dewey Decimal font types and Dewey Decimal-approved emoticons. In-app advertising is also planned, though details are not known at this time.

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