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Yahoo’s Drive Vs. Amazon’s Drift: A Contrast In Managing The Migration To Mobile

Last week, both Yahoo and Amazon reported quarterly earnings. Just like a golfer studying how a competitor tees off, their results can help other companies facing similar challenges make better decisions about their mobile businesses. What these two companies had to say indicates very different mobile game plans. Yahoo has a clear-eyed and optimistic view of the […]

Fortune Favors The Bold: Why It’s More Important Than Ever To Innovate

At a pivotal moment in Margin Call, a film about a fictional investment bank during the very real financial crisis of 2008, CEO John Tuld is accused by a subordinate of panicking as Tuld prepares to unwind a perilously risky position that could sink his firm. Tuld coolly responds, “If you’re first out the door, […]

The Age of Mobile Video: 7 Tips for Building Better Mobile Experiences for Consumers

The content marketing experts at Skyword asked me to write a blog post about how to create better, more effective mobile videos. I’ve produced a whole lot of videos in my app marketing role at Microsoft, so I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. The post published today; I’ll provide the first few paragraphs here, […]

What’s Your (App) Story?

Originally posted on mefminute:
Consumers spend over half of their digital media time with mobile apps. Though customers appear to shop for and buy phones based more on price and brand, that doesn’t mean OEMs should exclude apps from their device marketing. In this blog post and companion podcast, Matt Collins, Global Director of Applications…