Monthly Archives: December 2014

Infographic: What My Blog And Its Readers Looked Like In 2014

In November, 2012, I started writing this blog in a hospital waiting room. As I anxiously awaited the outcome of a loved one’s surgery, I knew that Judge Judy couldn’t give me the distraction I needed. Instead, I snapped on some noise cancelling headphones, registered this blog on WordPress, and cranked out my first three […]

Six Steps To Delivering Successful Tech BizDev Pitches

“Now, our parents will understand what we actually do.” This was the refrain around the office of the company formerly known as Infogrames, the Lyons-based video game maker with a name that looked like a typo. After it acquired the Atari moniker from Hasbro, Infogrames wisely decided to change its identity to the brand known for […]

‘Tis The Season Of Stress: How To Market Apps To An Anxious Customer

  Ask yourself this question. “What’s the more powerful emotion: pleasure or relief?” Marketers and product managers love working somewhere along this axis, but I bet most prefer the “pleasure” pole. That’s because it’s in our natures to seek out the positive about our products and services, e.g. it’s better, it’s more fun, it will make […]

A Simple Way To Get Better Creative

Think for a moment about the best TV ad you’ve ever seen. (In a nod to the season, here’s mine.) Now ask yourself: how did that happen? It probably didn’t come as a result of a creative genius at an agency or the inspired vision of a hard-driving CMO. Instead, it probably was a result of someone […]

New Technology And Constant Change Making You Dizzy? Take Back Control.

Growing up in Michigan, we had a saying about the climate: “Don’t like the weather? Just wait five minutes.” Constant change, for better and worse, also applies to the business world and technology in particular. In no other industry can one go from laggard to leader (and back to laggard again) with such head-spinning speed. In my […]