Monthly Archives: July 2015

Mobile Re-engagement: Lots Of Potential If You Plan For It

In marketing, it’s settled science that it’s easier and cheaper to get an incremental dollar out of an existing customer than it is to get all new customer to buy or use a product. If true, then why do mobile developers and publishers continue to spend disproportionately on driving app installs? The answer has two parts: […]

Which 2016 Presidential Candidate Will Be The First To Emerge As A ‘Cyber-Hawk?’

Last week, I attended a roundtable that included a few people who, in clear and compelling voices, warned the room about the size, reach, and potential for destruction that lurks in the dark web. Think of it as a shadow internet that may be rivaled only by Dante’s Inferno and a maximum security prison for […]

Why NPR-esque User Donations Aren’t Likely To Pay The Bills For Digital Publishers

A few times every year, I’ll meet someone who decries all forms of advertising, especially the digital variety. These objectors tend to concentrate their ire on the data gathering and targeting behind digital ads, but that’s not their only concern. They also find ads on their favorite apps and websites a burdensome distraction. Since I work for a […]

It’s Halftime: Five Keys To A Successful Second Half Of The Year

Basketball and American football games each give players a brief but meaningful halftime break to recover and adjust their game plans for the second half. American business follows a similar cadence. Our first half ends right before the July 4 holiday, giving us time to eat a hot dog or three, watch some fireworks, and […]