This blog is primarily about marketing and the technology that’s powering it. It also features conversations with innovators who are doing extraordinary things.

I am a full-stack marketer and passionate evangelist for the technologies that improve the ways we work, live and play. With senior-level marketing experience at startups (Simulmedia, Ampush) and large, global companies (Microsoft, Nokia), I’m a practitioner of brand growth that fuels revenue growth.

I’m also a proud graduate of Amherst College (BA), Indiana University (MBA), and the Voyageur Outward Bound (pure survival).

For more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile. You also can follow me on Twitter @amherstmatt.


  1. Ronald Davenport · · Reply

    I read your comments that half of TV ad impressions are wasted in an article this morning in Inside Radio. I’m a radio guy, and as you know radio is targetable to a much greater level of granularity than TV. Radio is also targetable at scale through networks.
    We radio guys joke that TV is radio with pictures. If you turn a radio broadcast into a simultaneous audio/visual stream and replace the audio ads with audio/visual ads, then theoretically you would achieve the same targetability at scale with audio/visual ads. The ads would also be contained within brand safe content since the content is pre-screened by humans and distributed by FCC licensed content providers. In addition, the digital ads could be sold using the station’s Nielsen ratings.
    I’m calling the simultaneous audio/visual stream of a radio broadcast “telestreaming” and I have a patent on it: https://patents.google.com/patent/US8560718.
    Any thoughts on whether telestreaming can disrupt the media landscape?


    1. Thanks, Ronald. I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with telestreaming before you mentioned it. I don’t have much that’s useful to add to the discussion at this point, but I acknowledge that there is a lot of room for Innovators to solve customer, content creator, and advertiser problems. Your innovation may have something useful to add here. Good luck!


      1. Ronald Davenport · ·

        Many thanks for the feedback and the encouragement. Onward and upward!

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