Monthly Archives: May 2013

Five Easy Ways To Make It Easier For Customers To Find Your App

The mobile apps business reminds me of a child prodigy. On the one hand, we see the potential to do amazing things. On the other hand, kids are kids, and even tremendous young talent can make their parents want to pull their hair out from time to time. So it is with mobile. Customers increasingly […]

The Best Thing Ever To Happen To The Advertising Industry (And Mobile’s Role In The Movement)

I’m going to write about a trend in advertising that excites me more than any movement I can recall in my career, one I could not have imagined 10 years ago, before the advent of digital, social, and mobile channels that have connected consumers with brands. I’m talking about companies that feature real people at […]

Whatever You Do, Don’t Opt Out: Why It’s Time For Consumers And Advertisers To Change Their Ways

Much of how we consumers feel about advertising today is based on its oldest formats. I fondly remember Budweiser and Miller 30 second TV spots that clearly were designed to entertain as a way of achieving brand recall. I also can recall flipping through my favorite sports magazines and emerging with fingers rank with nauseatingly […]

Don’t Blame The Great Recession: Smartphone Users Increasingly Are Behind Restaurants’ Near-Death Experiences

One of my favorite shows is Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible. For those who haven’t seen it, the program follows celebrity chef Robert Irvine as he tries to rescue failing family restaurants. He does this in spite of two limitations: a spending limit of just $10,000 with which to redesign the restaurant and only 48 hours […]