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A Warning Sign For Brands: You May Not Be Keeping Up With Your Mobile Customers

Last week, I met with two marketing agency CEOs whom I’ve gotten to know over the years. As we caught up on their businesses, I asked them the same question I ask a lot of non-mobile native company executives. What mobile projects are keeping you busy? The surprising answer, for them and me? “There really […]

Podcast: Mobile Marketing’s Role In Attracting Prospective University Students Last week, I had the good fortune to speak at Intead’s Global Marketing Workshop for Academic Leaders about the role mobile and mobile marketing can play in recruiting new students, especially in emerging markets. As a build-up to that event, I joined Intead’s CEO, Michael Waxman-Lenz, for a podcast. We spoke extensively about mobile, including […]

Could This Be The World’s Tastiest App And Social Network? Meet feedfeed.

At Social Media Week in New York City this year, I met Julie Resnick, an entrepreneur who, with her husband, Dan, is embarking on a two-headed business challenge: building an all-new social network based on food, and an app to help bind members and their favorite recipes together. They call it feedfeed. Though their business is […]

Apple’s WWDC Takeaways For Mobile Marketing: Your Success Is Up To You

Actor, host of one of my favorite podcasts, writer, and comedian, Kevin Pollak, reminded me of a truth about success in a recent interview with actress Anna Faris: those who wait around for the phone to ring typically don’t achieve much. Performers, entrepreneurs in the purest form, know that they have to make their own breaks. I […]

Mobile’s Principle Of Giving And Getting

Of all the revenues that mobile phone OEMs can measure and that are generated via apps (and here I’m excluding in-app advertising), over 90 percent come from “freemium” apps. “Freemium” means free to download and use, but with costs for getting more. A game might be free to download, for example, but if you want to advance […]