Monthly Archives: May 2014

Managing The ROI Of Your Mobile App

Eighteen years ago, I was working the toughest job I’ve ever had. I was a new and used car salesman. Having grown up in a suburb of Detroit to a father who worked for General Motors for 31 years, cars are in my blood. Back then, I aspired to open a Saturn car dealership. The […]

A Baseball Fan’s Mobile Wish

I love baseball, but I also worry about how the game will attract younger fans. TV ratings make it clear that American football now dominates baseball for viewership. Baseball also shoots itself in the foot when it schedules its most compelling games – October, post-season contests – in prime time for East Coast fans. These […]

How A Hall Of Fame Broadcaster Taught Me To Be A Better Public Speaker

I’m going to write today about public speaking, a skill I consider essential to leadership. I’ve done quite a bit of public speaking myself, and fortunately, I’ve been coached by someone with extraordinary talents. He gave me three tips to doing it well, which I will share here. I’ll also offer a few nuggets I’ve picked up along […]

Hello, Microsoft

After the outpouring of well wishes that so many readers shared following my “Farewell, Nokia” post, let me preface this week’s update by offering my appreciation to all of you who contacted me. I like to think that I enjoyed an even happier first week at Microsoft than my colleagues because you gave me an excuse to […]