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Want To Get A Jump On The Next Phase Of Your Company’s Mobile Marketing Strategy? Start Planning For Mobile Messaging

If you’re a marketer with more than 10 years of experience, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit dizzy. I cobbled together data from a couple of sources to build a chart that illustrates some real upheaval. It shows information from eMarketer and BIA/Kelsey on total spending in digital, along with mobile, desktop and social-specific amounts. I bet […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go – With SMoX!

Last week, the Mobile Marketing Association, or MMA, unveiled a serious mobile study with a most Dr. Seuss-ian name. The “Smart Mobile Cross Marketing” study, or SMoX for short, uses case studies to prove that shifting more budget to mobile advertising can improve campaign performance. If you’re a mobile marketer who has felt alone in the […]

Essential Blogs And Newsletters For The Mobile, Digital Or Social Marketer

Ever since I started blogging, the number of blogs and newsletters I read has exploded. That’s because the more I write, the more I have to work to find the next thing to write about. I’ve had a few recent exchanges with colleagues about what we most like to read, so today is all about sharing […]

This Device Quietly Outnumbers Smartphones And Attracts More Ad Dollars, And Yet The Mobile Economy Must Avoid Its Fate.

Today, the world’s population enjoys nearly universal access to a particular device that drives massive levels of engagement and commerce. Let’s see if you can guess what it is. As of 2011, on average there were 2.2 of these devices per capita in the industrialized world. Worldwide, 4 billion of these existed as of 2011, meaning […]

When Startups Should Find An Agency Or Hire In-House

I recently met some people who work at a startup doing some exciting work in mobile and with a growing marketing department, and the topic of agencies came up. One of them asked me what I thought about agencies versus hiring in-house. Like “How big is a car?”, it’s a question that has no right answer. […]

The App Developer’s “Home” Opportunity Is Android’s “Home” Dilemma

Originally posted on Matt Collins' Blog:
Count me among those who felt that Facebook could have gone the way of MySpace. Looks like that was as solid as most of my NCAA “March Madness” predictions. One of the company’s few mobile missteps was the introduction of Facebook Home. It’s an app that came preloaded on…