Monthly Archives: February 2015

“Apple Motors Inc.” Isn’t Such A Pipe Dream

These days, it’s easy to forget that one of Apple’s first forays into smartphones involved a 2004 partnership with Motorola to bring iTunes to certain Moto phones. That arrangement didn’t last – and remains unimaginable today – because it runs counter to Apple’s core philosophy, which is to own the hardware and the software experience. That’s what […]

Crafting A Winning Technology Marketing Plan: A Guide For Start-Ups

At some point in every successful start-up’s evolution, even ones with the best technology and customers who most ardently don’t want to be marketed to, founders will need marketing to sustain or increase their growth. If you work for one of these start-ups, take heart. Marketing is not a dark art. It requires both creativity and […]

Don’t Let The 80/20 Rule Hold Back Your Mobile Ambitions

It’s true that bad headlines grab readers, even in the world of email newsletters and research reports on technology, digital and social marketing. It’s also true that while many of these stories emit the faint aroma of bad news, they also reveal all sorts of silver linings upon closer inspection. Last week, Forrester Research’s Thomas Husson published a blog […]

A Cautionary Note On Personalization

If you subscribe to a newspaper or magazine, do you read every issue cover to cover? Or, do you read just the articles that interest you most, as I do? I get The Wall Street Journal every day, and I bet I do not read 80 percent of it. I ask because among all the […]