Monthly Archives: November 2012

Five problems that can cause your mobile strategy to fail

It really does seem like there is an app for everything. They have become ubiquitous, and everyone is getting into the game: consumer packaged goods, film studios, retailers, media companies, banks, and more. With all those apps, you’d think that knowing what mistakes to avoid would be common knowledge. Based on my experience and what […]

The advertising economy in mobile, part 2: why it’s still relatively small (but bound to change)

In part one of this series, I noted the economic disparity between TV and digital advertising revenues on the one hand, and mobile advertising and app revenues on the other. To understand why mobile ad revenues aren’t as substantial, consider these three obstacles facing the mobile advertising industry. Each will need to change in order […]

The advertising economy in mobile, part 1: where’s the money?

I’ve worked in the world of mobile apps and developers for over six years, and along the way, I’ve cultivated a point of view on the economics of this space. You may be considering how to monetize your mobile investments, so today, I’ll share my analysis of the mobile advertising economy. Later, I’ll write about […]

Is “showroom” shopping really such a threat?

Best Buy’s stock price erosion, which you can see in this stock chart covering the last three years, has been the subject of a lot of business press lately. Typically, no one reason can account for a company’s slump, but in this case, one problem crops up time and again: “showrooming,” or the consumer practice […]