Monthly Archives: April 2014

Farewell, Nokia

Friday marked my last day with Nokia. Today, I join Microsoft as a part of the company’s massive purchase of Nokia’s devices business. Lurking right beneath the mechanics of the transfer – the processes, procedures, policies, buildings, and finances – are enough people to fill a small city. Think about how meaningful your first day at your […]

“Re-bunking” Debunked Mobile Myths

As a blogger, I appreciate how Google and Yahoo report earnings within days of one another. This week, though, I turn my attention to this article on AdExchanger, a rich source of information on the digital advertising market, that seeks to debunk three mobile myths. It’s a good read, even though I disagree with the […]

Be The Master Of Your Marketing Funnel

My wife is a personal trainer who accepts only female clients. She’ll either train them here or go to their houses. Either way, her clients do not have to concern themselves with going to a gym and exercising for all to see. That’s a big part of what makes my wife’s business unique and appealing. […]

How To Prepare For A Job In Mobile Marketing

Recent studies by Gallup and Inside Higher Ed have exposed a massive gulf separating perceptions of college graduate readiness for the workforce that blow me away. Ninety-six percent of surveyed college and university provosts believe they are doing a very or somewhat effective job preparing their students for the challenges that lie beyond graduation. Only […]