Monthly Archives: April 2016

Free Food Is Nice But Not Enough: The Key To Retaining Millennial (And All Other) Employees

Dan Lyons’ recent book about his misadventures at HubSpot describes the culture clash that ensued when Lyons, a 50-something journalist, tried working at a tech company staffed largely by 20-something Millennials. Looked at another way, though, the story is also about the lengths to which companies will go to keep Millennials from leaving their jobs. Scene from […]

My First Encounter With A Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Has Me Convinced: It’s The Next Big Thing

Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference took place last week, and of all the headlines the event created, none has generated more buzz than its push to encourage marketers to embrace Facebook Messenger. As I predicted about a year ago, it’s time for businesses to embrace this platform. With over 900 million users, the scale is […]

What I Learned From Surviving Layoffs Exceeding 50,000 People

Last year, I wrote an article entitled “Yahoo Has Become The Nokia Of Internet Companies.” In that moment, I admit I contributed to something I hated when I worked at Nokia: the stream of negative press about an employer. If you care about your job, seeing the media align against your company stinks. From 2010-2014, I dreaded […]

My Journey From A Fortune Five Giant To A Startup, One Year Later

A year ago this week, I left my job at Microsoft, currently one of the five largest companies by market capitalization, to join a start up, Ampush. Lots of people decide to leave big companies for small ones. For some, it doesn’t work out, as Dan Lyons describes of his “hellish” experience at HubSpot. Sandi MacPherson, […]