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Cured Ham And No Sleep: How I Survived Mobile World Congress

Originally posted on Matt Collins' Blog:
Sebastian Junger used the term “The Perfect Storm” in his eponymous book to describe the confluence of several really powerful meteorological forces that produced the mother of all storms. Having just returned from Mobile World Congress, or MWC, I can attest to how apropos the expression is in describing the mobile industry’s…

The Battle Between Apple And The FBI Is A Microcosm Of The Great American Political Divide

Apple, led by its CEO, Tim Cook, has defied a court order to unlock an iPhone used by one of the two alleged terrorist attackers in San Bernardino. For the writer in me, I cannot imagine a more fascinating story. I’ve been itching to write this column all week even though I’ve known how hard it […]

The Super Bowl Reminds Us That Mobile Is – And Is Not – A Threat To Live Sports

The Super Bowl spawns no shortage of media coverage, but I guarantee this is the only place that will manage to weave the big game, mobile disruption, and folk music legend Joni Mitchell together into a single thesis. The top seven most-watched TV shows in America all are Super Bowls.  This year’s lackluster finale should […]

Amazon’s Incredible Beta Business Model

Quarterback Tom Brady’s biggest weakness was exposed in the New England Patriots’ 20-18 loss to the Denver Broncos two weeks ago. While Brady is known for his clutch performance, he plays poorly when he gets hit frequently. It forces him to get rid of the ball more hastily and limits his ability to see the whole field. You’ll […]