Cured Ham And No Sleep: How I Survived Mobile World Congress

As Mobile World Congress 2016 ends, I’m reminded of my adventure at MWC 2014, which I reprise in this post. Since I wrote this, I once again have tried Jamon Iberico, the cured ham delicacy I devoured too much of two years ago. My recent experience was good, but still not quite as tasty as the real thing. Enjoy.

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Sebastian Junger used the term “The Perfect Storm” in his eponymous book to describe the confluence of several really powerful meteorological forces that produced the mother of all storms.

Having just returned from Mobile World Congress, or MWC, I can attest to how apropos the expression is in describing the mobile industry’s largest annual conference in Barcelona.

In Spain, late nights are the norm. Dinners are served after 8p and often last three hours or more. Spain also produces the best cured ham in the world. With all due respect to Parma, prosciutto doesn’t match the finest, acorn-fed Iberian pigs.

Trade shows naturally tend to produce long days and nights just about anywhere they take place. They also force attendees to forage for the nutrition they need to stay upright in uncomfortable footwear.

When all these elements come together, you get super late nights that attendees power through by inhaling so much…

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