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Mary Meeker And The (Non) Death Of Industries

Over the last 25 years, governments all over the world have banned or severely restricted the production and use of chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs. Once the refrigerant of choice for air conditioners, CFCs were discovered to threaten the planet’s protective ozone layer. Less damaging hydrochlorofluorocarbons soon replaced CFCs in nearly every use case. Production of CFCs ended, […]

The Super Bowl Reminds Us That Mobile Is – And Is Not – A Threat To Live Sports

The Super Bowl spawns no shortage of media coverage, but I guarantee this is the only place that will manage to weave the big game, mobile disruption, and folk music legend Joni Mitchell together into a single thesis. The top seven most-watched TV shows in America all are Super Bowls.  This year’s lackluster finale should […]