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Where The Big Money Will Be Made In Mobile (And How You Can Get Your Share)

Shortly after Nokia announced its intention to build smartphones running Windows Phone, Microsoft invited me and a few of my colleagues to a private meeting with three Windows Phone developers who were among the first to build apps for the platform. We could ask them anything; no topics would be off-limits. What stood out to me about that […]

A Mobile Guide To Candidate Marketing In The 2014 Election

In 2012, over $4 billion was raised to fund presidential and congressional races. Given the money and what’s at stake in these elections, I’m not the least bit surprised that substantial marketing innovation happens in politics. For example, while Republican Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency in 2012 was marked by Madison Avenue campaign ads, […]

How Gluten-Free Food Options Serve Up A Case For Mobile Ubiquity

While the mobile economy is just a few years old, its newness doesn’t mean that every aspect of the business is new. In fact, many of the dynamics we face in mobile have been confronted by other industries and businesses, albeit in different forms. I stumbled upon one recently in an unexpected place, and it […]

Lionbridge Shares Insights On How To Prepare Apps And Mobile Websites For International Markets

That the United States leads the world in the creation of popular digital properties won’t surprise many. What might come as a surprise, though, is how much of their audiences come from places other than the U.S. In fact, as of January 2013, 79 percent of the people who use these properties live outside this country. […]

Understanding Your Brand’s ‘Mobile Moments’: Valuable Insight From Forrester Research

Though I don’t read about them much in the more popular tech press, mobile user interface or user experience (UI or UX for short) specialists have some of the toughest jobs. They typically have just a four inch screen with which to deliver a mobile app or website. Their end users often have must minutes, […]