The Age of Mobile Video: 7 Tips for Building Better Mobile Experiences for Consumers

The content marketing experts at Skyword asked me to write a blog post about how to create better, more effective mobile videos. I’ve produced a whole lot of videos in my app marketing role at Microsoft, so I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. The post published today; I’ll provide the first few paragraphs here, followed by a link you can use to read it in its entirety.


A college classmate of mine, TBWA\Chiat\Day Chief Strategy Officer Ed Castillo, delivered a provocative, thoughtful talk at SXSW this year entitled, “Why Reading Is a Flawed, Dying Technology.” You can read his critique here.Although you may argue with some of his points, media consumption trends suggest Castillo has a point. Magazines and newspapers have been taking a beating as readers abandon “dead tree” journalism and don’t replace it with digital versions of the traditional publications they are leaving behind.

The Growth of Digital Video

As general digital video consumption increases, mobile video is skyrocketing. Forty percent of YouTube views happen on mobile devices; for Facebook, the number leaps to 65 percent, according to Adweek.

Digital video performs so well because it can reach and compel audiences in ways that are awfully hard to beat. With more viewers consuming video on mobile, and with a power to persuade that remains unabated, brands and agencies should recommit to the medium. That doesn’t necessarily mean making more videos or even spending more money on the category, though.

Instead, I encourage rethinking the way brands produce and distribute video for an audience on the go.

To keep reading, check out the full post here:


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