What’s Your (App) Story?

I wrote this blog post and recorded a companion podcast for the MEF last week and thought I’d link to it here for my own blog.
For those who don’t know it, the MEF, as its website describes, “is the global trade association for companies wishing to monetize their products and services via mobile.” That makes it an important advocate for the industry.
As for the blog post, it starts with what may seem like a contrarian observation: apps do not register very powerfully as a driver of smartphone sales in formal research settings. Given how much time consumers spend with them, however, apps give device manufacturers and retailers all sorts of ways to market and sell phones. This post explores that logic and how Microsoft has approached the opportunity.



Consumers spend over half of their digital media time with mobile apps. Though customers appear to shop for and buy phones based more on price and brand, that doesn’t mean OEMs should exclude apps from their device marketing.

In this blog post and companion podcast, Matt Collins, Global Director of Applications and Partner Marketing at MEF Member Microsoft, explains how handset manufacturers and retailers can leverage apps to sell more phones and tablets.

Less than a year ago, I gave a “Mobile Marketing 101” speech to a hotel ballroom full of partner marketers. At that time, I wondered aloud if the mobile web or mobile apps would win the competition for on-the-go consumers.

In a matter of months, apps have surged to the lead. According to comScore, we spend 51 percent of our time with digital media in apps. Not just in smartphones, but in apps. Considering the…

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