Improving Creativity In A Time Of Covid: Insights From Meryl Draper, CEO of Quirk Creative

With Covid restricting so much of the way we work and relax, finding new ways to express our creativity can help make this time more bearable. In this episode of the Pre-Made Podcast, I talk to Meryl Draper, the CEO and co-founder of Quirk Creative, an award-winning agency that especially direct-to-consumer brands are hiring to help make their first big splash in TV advertising.

In this episode, Draper talks about how TV commercials get made, how Covid is reshaping that work, and what the rest of us can learn about how Quirk’s team keeps at peak creativity.

Some show notes:

  • We talked about a perfume brand that made a commercial starring Natalie Portman. The brand is Miss Dior.
  • KPIs refer to “key performance indicators,” a measure of business performance.
  • OTT refers to “over the top,” a term synonymous with streaming video such as Netflix.
  • Here’s a link to Quirk’s website.
  • Meryl Draper’s email address is
An interview with Quirk Creative CEO and co-founder Meryl Draper

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