My Interview with Radha Subramanyam, Chief Analytics and Research Officer of CBS

In the earlier stages of my career, I like to tell people that I literally played games for a living. That was just one of my responsibilities as a marketer in the video game industry, though. I also budgeted for and planned TV advertising campaigns. On more than one occasion, I remember asking my media agency at the time, “What’s the optimal number of times anyone in my target audience should see my brand’s TV commercials?”

Well, it only took about 15 years or so, but I got my answer from a true expert in the field: Radha Subramanyam, Chief Research and Analytics Officer at CBS.

Click here to listen to an interview I did with Radha in which we talked about a range of important topics for anyone responsible for TV media dollars. They include:

  • The optimal level of frequency, and the bad things that can happen when advertisers exceed it.
  • Examples of large, national TV campaigns that have exceptionally high levels of wasted impressions.
  • What advertisers can do to reduce their risk of wasting their TV budgets on excessive frequency.

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