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Why iOS 7 – The Latest iPhone Software – Is Both Safe And Risky At The Same Time

A business school professor of mine once did an entire class on companies that plan their product lines’ obsolescence. These firms proactively anticipate when their products will no longer remain competitive and therefore include a road map for phasing them out. Having an obsolescence plan can help a firm navigate the really tough decisions involving […]

The Real Reason Google Acquired Waze

Markets are filled with competitors within a single industry segment that do a great job for their customers in very different ways. Target and Wal-Mart illustrate this well. Each retailing giant prides itself on its unique way of servicing its customers: Target for its collection of exclusive brands, Wal-Mart for claiming to have the lowest […]

Twitter: An Unlikely Savior From Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Today, Indiana Pacer center Roy Hibbert ought to be reflecting on a big win in the NBA playoffs against the defending champion Miami Heat. He’s earned a day to rest up, ice his knees, and watch reruns of AMC’s “The Killing.” But that’s not what Roy Hibbert’s doing today. Instead, he’s been slathered up in prepared statements to […]