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Cured Ham And No Sleep: How I Survived Mobile World Congress

Originally posted on Matt Collins' Blog:
Sebastian Junger used the term “The Perfect Storm” in his eponymous book to describe the confluence of several really powerful meteorological forces that produced the mother of all storms. Having just returned from Mobile World Congress, or MWC, I can attest to how apropos the expression is in describing the mobile industry’s…

Facebook vs. Google After 14 Quarters: Facebook’s Giant Leap

When I first joined Ampush, an official Facebook Marketing Partner, I found it convenient to compare mobile-first, in-feed advertising platforms like the kind Facebook dominates to the world of mobile ecosystems I had just left behind at Microsoft. I made the comparison this way: “Facebook is to iOS as no one is to Android.” That’s […]

Small Data Points Signal Huge Changes Ahead

For over seven years, I worked in marketing for a video game publisher. There was no part of the job I looked forward to doing more than producing TV commercials. There was one aspect of this work that tied my stomach up in knots, though: pitching the idea for the commercial to my company’s CEO. Not […]

Looking For A Great, High-Paying Job? Check Out The “Internet Of Things”

If you’re a college student considering post-graduation employment options, or if you’re a parent of one, or if your career is already under way and you’re curious where job growth will emerge in an otherwise “meh” economy, take a look at the phenomenon known as the “Internet of Things,” or IoT. IoT describes devices that […]

Five Enablers Begging For Entrepreneurial Innovation To Unlock An All-Electric, Self-Driving Automotive Future

As the auto industry finds itself evolving at a clip not seen in decades, entrepreneurs and experts need to look beyond engineering and mechanics to drive real change. The future to which many in this industry aspire will depend just as much on innovation in the key enablers that make the business tick. That future […]

INFOGRAPHIC: When You Blog About Topics You Know And Love For 3 Years, Here’s How Many People Read Your Stuff

Those who aren’t blogging but are considering getting started may want to know how many people would read their stuff. It’s a good question if attracting an audience is your primary objective. It never was my goal, though I am thrilled when it happens. It’s even better when readers chime in. For anyone considering a […]

What Ford Motor Co. Needs To Avoid Nokia’s Fate

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Ford and Alphabet Inc. (nee Google) are in talks to partner on the production of self-driving cars. Ford CEO Mark Shields is said to be concerned that his company must not become the automotive version of Nokia, a hardware giant that failed to adapt as smartphones and […]

If Movie Trailers Are To Films What Pitch Decks Are To Start-Ups, The 1977 Star Wars Ep. IV Trailer Is A Epic Fail

Movie trailers are a lot like pitch decks for venture capitalists (VCs). Both must hook their audiences in in a fraction of the time it would take to explain the whole enterprise. They work best when guided by an structural paradigm, such as Blake Snyder’s “Save the Cat” or Noah Parsons’ elements of successful pitch decks. They also need […]

Facebook The Chameleon

Last month, Benedict Evans penned a blog post that talked about the limitations and consequences of the mental models that that we all use to frame innovation. We search for degrees of sameness to determine how much alike the new thing is to the old. For example, it was easy to understand cars as a new-and-improved […]

Yahoo Has Become The Nokia Of Internet Companies

A company that once flexed its consumer tech dominance in the 1990s and early 2000s falls on hard times because its legacy strength has become a flat to declining business. The cause: everything rapidly moved from PC to mobile. A new CEO with a record of success at a tech titan takes the helm. This […]