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Jeff Bezos’ Letter To Shareholders Really Isn’t For Or About You

If you take away nothing else from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ annual letter to his shareholders, just remember this: Jeff Bezos writes about Amazon to enhance its value to its shareholders, employees, and customers. Business rock star though he is, Jeff Bezos cannot prescribe the right medicine for your company. As the CEO of the most […]

Amazon’s Incredible Beta Business Model

Quarterback Tom Brady’s biggest weakness was exposed in the New England Patriots’ 20-18 loss to the Denver Broncos two weeks ago. While Brady is known for his clutch performance, he plays poorly when he gets hit frequently. It forces him to get rid of the ball more hastily and limits his ability to see the whole field. You’ll […]

Amazon’s Balance On A Razor’s Edge

I’ve criticized Amazon in this blog on a few occasions. Most of that criticism centers on what appears to be a groping, fitful and, at times, inexplicable strategy behind its search for new hit products and services. I’ve thought more about the company this week following a must-read story courtesy of The New York Times […]

Yahoo’s Drive Vs. Amazon’s Drift: A Contrast In Managing The Migration To Mobile

Last week, both Yahoo and Amazon reported quarterly earnings. Just like a golfer studying how a competitor tees off, their results can help other companies facing similar challenges make better decisions about their mobile businesses. What these two companies had to say indicates very different mobile game plans. Yahoo has a clear-eyed and optimistic view of the […]

Print Publishing In the Mobile Age: Phoenix or Supernova?

When Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post, an event that closely followed John Henry’s purchase of The Boston Globe, several journalists leaped forward to try to explain why a wildly successful, somewhat reclusive businessman on the West Coast would buy up an East Coast, old media icon. Since Bezos himself offers […]

Wal-Mart Takes on Amazon

In my very first blog post, I recommended things brick-and-mortar stores could do to take on the rise of e-commerce companies like Amazon. I suggested that they press their advantages, including immediacy and the ablity to provide store visitors with digital experiences that enhance their shopping. You can find that post here. Well, it looks […]