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What I Learned From Surviving Layoffs Exceeding 50,000 People

Last year, I wrote an article entitled “Yahoo Has Become The Nokia Of Internet Companies.” In that moment, I admit I contributed to something I hated when I worked at Nokia: the stream of negative press about an employer. If you care about your job, seeing the media align against your company stinks. From 2010-2014, I dreaded […]

To Grow Again, Yahoo Might First Need To Shrink

There’s a one-word answer for why Yahoo has struggled to grow in recent years: mobile. Yahoo’s business was built on a desktop-centric model that mobile is corroding faster than Halloween candy on pre-teen teeth. To find its way to mobile growth, it might have to shrink its PC-focused business. To appreciate the company’s mobile vulnerability, it’s instructive […]

Yahoo’s Drive Vs. Amazon’s Drift: A Contrast In Managing The Migration To Mobile

Last week, both Yahoo and Amazon reported quarterly earnings. Just like a golfer studying how a competitor tees off, their results can help other companies facing similar challenges make better decisions about their mobile businesses. What these two companies had to say indicates very different mobile game plans. Yahoo has a clear-eyed and optimistic view of the […]

Marissa Mayer’s Hidden Four-Step Approach To Rebuilding Yahoo Into A Mobile Powerhouse

About three years ago, I became an ex-Yahoo user. I happened to be traveling on business in China, and I awoke one morning to a phone filled with text messages and voice mails letting me know that my Yahoo mail account had been hacked. I already had grown weary of a cluttered Yahoo mail experience […]

Quick hits: Yahoo and Facebook focus on mobile engagement, plus CES 2013 takeaways

Here are some quick hits on recent news from Facebook and Yahoo, as well as a post mortem on the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Google vs. Facebook, Yahoo: Diverging approaches to growing the mobile advertising business I recently wrote about Google’s latest earnings announcement – you can read it here – and mentioned both the […]