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The Retail Value Of Time

Back in 2012, the fourth blog post I ever wrote asked a question that was urgently relevant for retailers and mobile marketers at that time: is showrooming such a threat? (“Showrooming” describes the act of comparing online prices while in brick and mortar retail stores in an effort to get the best bargain.) Three years have passed since this published, […]

Using Beacons, Roximity Helps Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Strike Back

Buying stuff online is many things – convenient, less crowded, sometimes less expensive – but one thing it is not, at least for me, is fun. Rather, it tends to be a hunting expedition. Sites have something I want. I search. I might buy. The experience of wandering the aisles, on the other hand, can be […]

How Walt Disney World Might Save Brick And Mortar Retail

If your company operates physical stores, you face all sorts of challenges. In addition to the same ones facing anyone in the real estate business, you also must confront the threat and opportunity presented by mobile devices. That means you must: Set a pricing strategy in an era dominated by customers using your floor inventory […]

Office Depot Finds Its Mobile Mojo

Looking for examples of brick and mortar stores that are embracing the mobile revolution? I’ve found one that may inspire you. Several months ago, I wrote about the challenges and opportunities brick and mortar stores have in a world increasingly connected by mobile devices. Customers have taken to “showrooming” store merchandise, by which I mean […]

Is “showroom” shopping really such a threat?

Best Buy’s stock price erosion, which you can see in this stock chart covering the last three years, has been the subject of a lot of business press lately. Typically, no one reason can account for a company’s slump, but in this case, one problem crops up time and again: “showrooming,” or the consumer practice […]