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Why Tech Companies Need To Build Brands Before They Launch: An Interview with Emily Heyward, Co-Founder of Red Antler

A video interview with Red Antler co-founder Emily Heyward, who talks about the importance of branding at startups – and why almost all conversations about the customer problems that new brands solve leads to discussions about death.

Crafting A Winning Technology Marketing Plan: A Guide For Start-Ups

At some point in every successful start-up’s evolution, even ones with the best technology and customers who most ardently don’t want to be marketed to, founders will need marketing to sustain or increase their growth.┬áIf you work for one of these start-ups, take heart. Marketing is not a dark art. It requires both creativity and […]

The Most Critical Ingredient To Ensure A Successful Tech Event

In my 15-year business career, I’ve had my share of challenging moments. I’ve been on the receiving end of obscenity-laced tirades authored by disagreeable senior executives. I’ve stood on stage in front of hundreds of people, dazzling PowerPoint presentations on towering screens behind me, as technology I had planned to demonstrate failed utterly. With a […]