How Mo Said And Mojo Supermarket Build Meaningful Brands, Banish Bad Advertising

Mo Said is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Mojo Supermarket, an award-winning creative agency that has had an extraordinary run of acclaimed campaigns for the likes of Adidas, Netflix, and Savage x Fenty. That’s not a fluke. Said and Mojo Supermarket are selective. They work only with brands that are willing to go on a journey to address a few simple but potentially uncomfortable questions, the answers to which will determine how they can become distinctive.

In this podcast episode, Said tells us about:

  • Mojo’s unique approach to uncovering brand attributes that will ignite passion and attract diehard fans
  • Why he left a blue chip agency like Droga5 to start his own business
  • How his experience as a Pakistani immigrant has empowered him to question everything
  • Examples of the company’s best work
  • The top marketing trends that are likely to emerge over the next three-to-six months


  • Video that shows the homogeneity of ads that emerged in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Mojo Supermarket website
  • Email Mo Said directly:


  1. Bad advertising is something that all businesses should stay clear of.


  2. thanks for the information


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