Filmmaker Helps The Video Game Industry Find Its Voice

Jeremy Snead (middle) and Sean Astin (left) on the set of “Unlocked: The World of Video Games, Revealed.”

The video game business yields billions of dollars annually, but generally it has lacked the mainstream acceptance and respect that film, television, and theater command. Entrepreneur and filmmaker Jeremy Snead is out to change that. He has directed and produced both an original documentary and television series that reveal how video games have shaped American culture over the last 50 years. His work celebrates the industry, the pioneers who helped build it, as well as the visionaries who are driving it forward today. His company, Mediajuice Studios, also produces TV commercials and trailers for some of the successful gaming and entertainment companies in the world.

Jeremy and I worked together from 2002-2004, and since then he has become one of my closest friends. In this episode, Jeremy describes his entrepreneurial journey, his creative process, and how leading with passion opens doors and attracts world class talent.

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