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It’s Time For Apple To Fix Its Announcement Fatigue Problem

If you haven’t done so in awhile, watch Steve Jobs present the first ever iPhone in 2007. In spite the hardware specs that have long been obsolete, it’s still one of the best instructional videos on how to deliver a keynote address at an event of consequence. Fast forward eight years, and Apple still announces […]

Want To Excel At The Art And Science Of Marketing? Don’t Think Like Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs (right) and Ricky Gervais (above)┬ánever met a focus group they liked. Have you ever searched online for “Steve Jobs market research” or “Ricky Gervais focus groups?” Neither was a fan. Here, Gervais, the comedian and creator of The Office, says, “If you do what you do and you’re uncompromised, you don’t listen to […]