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An Underdog In A Mobile-First World, Microsoft Needs LinkedIn To Connect Smartphone Users And B2B Advertisers

Remember when Microsoft bought Skype ($8.5 billion)? That was the key to Microsoft’s mobile strategy. How about the time Microsoft bought Mojang, the creator of Minecraft ($2.5 billion)? The title’s loyal, premium-paying following and cross-generational appeal was the key to Microsoft’s mobile strategy. Then Microsoft bought Nokia’s smartphone business ($9.465 billion). Now THAT was the engine […]

A Warning Sign For Brands: You May Not Be Keeping Up With Your Mobile Customers

Last week, I met with two marketing agency CEOs whom I’ve gotten to know over the years. As we caught up on their businesses, I asked them the same question I ask a lot of non-mobile native company executives. What mobile projects are keeping you busy? The surprising answer, for them and me? “There really […]

Introducing JobLens, An App For Windows Phone That Changes The Way We Look For And Find Work

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of listening to Crawford Del Prete, Executive Vice President and Chief Research Officer at IDC, talk about the challenges facing developers of mobile apps. What stuck with me was Crawford’s reminder that great products of all types, including apps, help people tackle specific, meaningful jobs and do […]